Pomky frequently asked questions
Where are you located?
    ~TULSA, OK

Do we provide shots?
    ~Yes we do provide shots and vaccines before each puppy leaves our care. 

How big do they get?
     ~They normally average out to be anywhere from 5-25 lbs.

Do we ship our dogs?
    ~We would rather not ship our dogs rather we would like to see the buyer pick the dog up in person, but we will ship but we require an additional $250 base shipping fee. We strongly recommend picking it up.

Do they shed?
    ~Yes, they shed. They most generally have a double coat and are fluffy. Solution groom your dog, these dogs need to be groomed and brushed out at minimum once every two weeks.

Are there any forms we have to fill out?
    ~Yes we require you to fill a form out that simply states you understand that we do not guarantee the size, coloring, behavior, or health (we give first shots) of the dog(s). We do not give refunds. If you feel as though you are unable to keep the puppy once he is in your care we ask that you call us immediately and we can possibly work something out. Forms are only signed by the buyers.

Are they spayed and neutered?
    ~No they are not spayed and neutered. 

Any health issues?
    ~So far we have had 100% healthy pups. Nothing has been found to be wrong with them at the moment but all we ask is that you groom your dog at the least once a month and also since they are half pomeranian, we ask that you do yearly teeth cleanings.

Wanna buy pomsky?
Please  download Pomsky catalog  and pick the most cute availabel before March 2013 !!


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